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Fic Masterlist

Ben 10

The Way To A Man's Heart Is Through His Stomach | "Winnie the Pooh cupcake mix, Tennyson. Winnie the fucking Pooh." In which Ben takes up a new hobby and everyone gets a clue except Kevin. Kevin/Ben. PG-13
This Crazy Little Thing Called Love | "I'll bet Speed Racer never had to worry about the Mach Five raping Racer X's Shooting Star." (aka how [personal profile] draykonis and I got to talking and realized we both wanted to see what would happen if Ben's car in Alien Swarm came to life and started mating with Kevin's car) Kevin/Ben. PG-13
I Could Hang Off Of Your Shoulder Like A Fool | AU. In which Ken thinks it's a great idea to set his father up with his best friend Devlin's father. Kevin/Ben. PG-13
Sequel: I Wanna Be The Partridge In Your Tree | “So, I kinda want to marry Ben.” Kevin/Ben. PG-13
Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see! | "First of all, that's probably the worst pick-up line I've ever heard no matter how you do it." Kevin/Ben. PG-13


All Along
| (Written for the [community profile] deancastiel Secret Angels III challenge for [personal profile] ratherastory ) Dean drunk-dials Cas sometime after 5.10. Miscommunications ensue. Dean/Castiel. PG

Lips like Liquorish, Tongue like Candy| (Written for [profile] insatiablegrit) It wasn’t the first time that Sam wished he possessed superpowers like the X-Men Dean was so obsessed with during his comic book phase, such as the ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes at annoying roommates. Gabriel/Sam. PG-13

Face to Face with the Skies | (Written for [community profile] deancasbigbang  2010)

Castiel was not killed by Raphael on the night of Lucifer’s release. Instead, he’s sent to the year 1996 and encounters the Winchesters. Unable to return to the present, Castiel resigns himself to traveling with them on their hunts across the states.

Meanwhile in the year 2008, Dean has barely gotten used to being back in the land of the living when he gets the biggest shock of his life; the man he fell in love with when he was eighteen has seemingly come back from the grave as well, claiming to be an angel of the Lord. The thing is, he doesn’t have a clue who Dean is.

[community profile] comment_fic and other challenges:

Liquor and Poor Judgment
| "We're way too sober for this." Gabriel/Crowley. PG to PG-13
Hey Now, You're a Popstar | (written for the KRIPKE STARTED IT meme for the prompt, "Sam and Dean stuck in HANNAH MONTANA") "Awww, come on, Dean! You're a role model for twelve year old girls everywhere. What's there not to like?" Gen. PG

Burning Angel Wings to Dust
| The Winchesters have to rescue Cas from someone who fancies trying a taste of an Angel. Gen. R (Warning: very dark imagery)

Turn A Little Faster
| (A High School Musical crossover) Dean kills another monster for the Evans family and finally takes Ryan up on his offer of a dinner out as thanks. Dean/Ryan. PG-13

Life is a Highway | Anna, Castiel, Lucifer, and Gabriel. Four fallen angels on a road trip. Gen. PG

I'll Never Be an Emo Vampire | "Dude, you have got to get that seen to. Seriously." Gen. PG

Yu Mo Gwai Gui Fai Di Zao | Sam and Dean tangle with a Chinese vampire. Gen. Crack. PG

All For You | Prompt: wee!chesters, toothfairy. Gen. G

Love Like Rockets | Aphrodite lends the boys a helping hand. Dean/Castiel. PG

When My Dress is White and Your Suit is Black | Prompt: wedding party. Gen. G

Something a Good Deal More Dangerous | They both died in spring. Sam/Dean. PG-13

Enter Night
| Azazel!Dean, Azazel has been riding Dean since the night of the fire. What better way to keep an eye on Sam? Dean/OMCs, R (Warning: mentions of rape)

You Never Had a Clue At All | Zachariah and the Host. Isaiah 1:15 - "And when you stretch forth your hands, I will turn away my eyes from you: and when you multiply prayer, I will not hear: for your hands are full of blood." Gen. PG-13

Perfect Days | Dean and Sam are the angels. Gabriel and Castiel are the hunters. Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Sam. PG

Now Here We Are | Dean barely remembers family movie night, but he makes a point of starting the tradition with his new family. Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Sam, Claire Novak. G

The Whole Damn Thing's Over | Big brothers pick up the pieces. Implied!Dean/Castiel, Gabriel. PG

Take My Hand Tonight | Prompt: your hand in mine. Dean, Tessa. Gen. G

Not a Destination | Prompt: an honest-to-goodness happy ending. Dean/Castiel. G

Castiel, Defender of Birds | One day while watching children in the park and sitting very still, Castiel finds a bird building a nest in his coat pocket. The bird lays eggs, and Castiel protects them while going about his apocalyptic mission, even though Sam and Dean think it's stupid. Gen. G

If I told you I was gay, would you let me touch you? | Gabriel uses cheesy pick-up lines on Sam. Gabriel/Sam. PG

We've Got Nothing Left to Prove | The version of The End where Castiel did go mad and past!Dean finds him alone, killing and bringing back to life a cockroach over and over and over. Gen. PG-13

Changeless | (A Doctor Who crossover) Sam travels back with the Doctor and ends up being the one who creates the Colt and the seal around the Devil's Gate. Gen. G

Bring You Down | Dean and Michael!Ben. "She lied to you." Gen. PG

A World Without Rules | Bela; she sold her soul to kill that son of a bitch and she's still not sorry. Gen. PG-13 (Warning: mentions of child abuse)

Coming Back Home | Prompt: Crowley's in a bit of a jam. Apparently it's against the rules to take someone's soul if someone else has already claimed it. implied-Dean/Sam. PG



Bright Stars Shine Above | Prompt: Sweet 16. Dick/Barbara. G

Disney - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Summer Song
| Prompt: summers in Atlantis. Milo/Kida. G
How to Train Your Dragon
Spare Me Over | Prompt: Toothless, outliving Hiccup and all his descendants. Gen. G


Untitled | Prompt: teen!Hardison, hacking into the school payroll to change a teacher's salary. Gen. PG

Storm Hawks

What Do They Know | He always takes care for her. Dark Ace, Master Cyclonis. Gen. G